Texas Inspirations #2: The Corn Man

William Gray goes by his middle name, "Paul". That's not how most people know him, though. To the thousands of customers who've stopped at his booth in the Dallas Farmers Market over the years, Paul [...]

Texas Inspirations #1: Riding With Sweetie Pie

A couple of years ago, while spending the day at Canton's legendary First Monday Trade Days, I met someone I just could not forget. At the time, I told myself that at some point I [...]

What I’ve Always Wanted To Do, #1 – Eat Barbecue For a Living

So now that my time in Radio appears to be over for the present, what's next? I'm asked that a lot. To tell the truth, I'm kind of making it up as I go along. [...]

The Man Behind The Texas International Pop Festival

Fifty years ago the town of Lewisville hosted a first in Texas. The Texas International Pop Festival. Featuring acts such as Led Zeppelin, B.B. King, Janis Joplin, Chicago and many more, the event took place [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 22 – Opal Lee

Miss Opal. Force of nature. I typed those words as a placeholder to come back to later. Then I realized I couldn't improve on them. Opal Lee has been changing lives almost all of her [...]

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“Dusty Attics”, Episode 21 – Amber Fletcher

Every city has those names that instantly conjure recognition. Around these parts, Bass, Hunt, and Perot make one think of wealth and philanthropy. Say the names Dickey or Martinez and many people will think of [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 20 – Michael Molthan

More than two dozen arrests and almost four years in jail. Michael Molthan will be the first to tell you that some of us have to learn the hard way. For the man who would [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 18 – Cynthia Smoot

It's no easy thing to stay ahead of the curve these days, but Cynthia Smoot may have mastered the art. Preceded by a wealth of experience in the world of sales and advertising, Cynthia began [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 19 – Betty Buckley

The first time I ever saw her name in a program, it read Betty Lynn Buckley. That was fifty years ago, but you could already see the talent that earned Betty the title "The Voice [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 16 – Cynthia Marshall

There are so many words that spring to mind once you've met Cynthia Marshall. Powerful. Wise. Committed. Determined. And fun. When Marshall accepted her current position as President of the Dallas Mavericks, she walked in [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 5 – Jeff Miles

Somewhere, there has to be a joke that starts with the line "What's the best kind of training for radio, son?" Arrrrrrrrrmy training, sir. Maybe that's why Jeff Miles has done so well at it. [...]

The Amazing Miss Opal Lee

Juneteenth, 2019. I thought I'd remember the day by re-posting an interview I did last year about this time with Fort Worth's legendary Miss Opal Lee. For years Opal Lee has fought to see Juneteenth [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 14 – Steve Kemble

No one has more energy than Steve Kemble. Dallas has long had a reputation for big parties and extravagant events - and if you've ever attended a local charity gala or major moment, there's a [...]

Ella’s Place (or, how PopPop got carried away)

It all began just before my granddaughter's second birthday. I asked my oldest son what Ella likes to do, and his answer surprised me. "She likes to watch concert videos on YouTube". So I thought for a minute, and [...]

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“Dusty Attics”, Episode 15 – Greg Ellis

For more than a decade he fought in the trenches of the NFL, terrorizing quarterbacks across the league. Then he decided to try the world of entertainment. No one can say that Greg Ellis doesn't enjoy a challenge. Although [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 13: Ken Watterson

If you're new to Dallas-Fort Worth, you may be surprised to learn that prior to 1997 the region had no national cemetery of its own. Ken Watterson helped change that. But that's only part of Ken's quiet yet far-reaching [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 10: Linda Gray

That Dallas has no better ambassador than Linda Gray could be said of both the city and the TV show. Born in Santa Monica, California, Linda has always been one of the most accessible, approachable of superstars - and [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 1: Jen Myers

I told my daughter not long ago that out of all the work I've done over the years, this is the piece I'd want her to hear. If you listen, I think you'll understand why. A great many people [...]

“Dusty Attics”, Episode 9: D’Andra Simmons Lock

D'Andra Simmons Lock is living an adventure. Besides starring as one of Bravo TV's Real Housewives of Dallas, D'Andra and husband Jeremy are also building a life together - while she contends with the daily pressures of running a [...]

This week’s guest on “Dusty Attics”: D’Andra Simmons

It's a big weekend, Reality TV fans. First, it's the all-request and dedication Saturday Night Special starting at 7. Then at 11, it's my weekly record-listening party - this week with one of the stars of The Real Housewives [...]