Panther City BBQ

Fort Worth

“Making Our Name”

Occasionally you’ll hear Fort Worth refered to as “Panther City”, largely thanks to a Dallas writer who commented more than 100 years ago that the town was so sleepy a panther could take a nap on Main Street undisturbed.

Hence the mascot of the oldest high school in the city (Paschal), and that of the longtime Minor League baseball team (The Cats). Currently, that proud history is best celebrated by the bite.

The BBQ Line

Just east on Hattie Street off South Main near downtown Fort Worth, Panther City BBQ ranked high on my most recent Top 10 list in 2019 — and they haven’t lost a step.

Back then Panther City was still serving from a food truck, and the menu had to be worth it to endure the hot Texas sun. It totally was, but these days Panther City has its own permanent building — and the atmosphere is perfect. Of course, even the best vibe is nothing without the goods to back it up — and co-owners Chris Maganelles and Ernest Morales deliver on every count.

“A Sure Bet for my Top 10!”

Beginning with Panther City’s Supple, tasty brisket melting in your mouth to the bacon-wrapped poppers, every mouthful is a delight. Famous for brisket elotes and breakfast tacos, Panther City fuses Texas barbecue with the spirit of Texas’ rich Mexican culinary heritage. You can count on three things: there’s usually a bit of a line, the most popular offerings sell out fast, but anything you order is going to be delicious.

And now you don’t even have to sit outside. A sure bet for my Top 10.

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