The Class of 2020 will be able to say it with certainty:

It was one of the most unique graduation years in recent memory.

Thanks to the COVID-19 Pandemic, this season’s commencement exercises were held under vastly different circumstances – if they were held at all. In recognition of that, and in light of the uncertainty we all feel during this time, we asked viewers to send in photos of their graduating high school seniors in order to create a special tribute.

In all, nearly 2,000 proud families did just that.

The song comes from my longtime friend, Janice Garner. A gifted singer-songwriter, a few weeks ago I’d asked Janice if she had an original song she thought might fit the occasion. She said she’d written something only a few days earlier that might work, and asked me what I thought.

In all sincerity, Janice could not have written anything more perfect. After hearing it the first time, I told her I believe this is the song she was born to write. It’s my hope that “We Will Find A Way” will be heard by millions. It needs to be. The words and melody fit what we’re all going through in every way, and I could not agree with the song’s sentiment more.

Don’t give up. Don’t give in. We will find a way.

Thank you to every family that sent a photo of a graduating senior. I wish we could have used them all, but I think the spirit we all need right now is captured in every face. I truly believe it will be the younger generations among us that will find a way, and it’s my honor to share this tribute with you all.