Somewhere, wisdom has to be defined as realizing a need and finding a solution.

And if that’s true, then you’ll find Thylyn and Arran’s photos right next to the entry.

Here’s what I mean: we’re in a pandemic. People are struggling, frequently just to make ends meet. So you see that classmate in the school of your imagination? Yes, her. And if her family is just trying to make sure food is on the table, what else might she be forced to do without?

Now, when’s the last time you looked at what sanitary and hygienic products cost? As a result, some students will choose to stay home rather than risk embarrassment at school. And that’s just heartbreaking.

Being the father of a (now 15-year-old) daughter myself, Thylin and Arran’s cause caught my attention on Nextdoor.  The lack of necessities on the street was one thing, but girls who could easily be my daughter going without what they need? Quite honestly, it had never dawned on me – and if you want further proof that it’ll be the young who save this ol’ world, here ya go.

(More Life with Jody Dean, CBS11 News at 5 – air date 10.30.20)

Thylyn & Arran’s Insta Page