Every city has those names that instantly conjure recognition.

Around these parts, Bass, Hunt, and Perot make one think of wealth and philanthropy. Say the names Dickey or Martinez and many people will think of food.

But say Fletcher’s?

That means autumn is almost here.

When it comes to uniquely Texas institutions, none stands taller than Fletcher’s fabled corny dogs – a fixture at the State Fair of Texas since Amber Fletcher’s grandfather Neil Fletcher started selling them with his brother Carl in 1942. Now, how many of us can say we grew up in around a family business that had the sole object of making people say yummy?

So if you weren’t looking forward to the State Fair just yet, you will. But even more fun, get to know a fascinating entrepreneur who views her family’s mouth-watering mission to be a sacred mustard-dipped trust. What’s made Fletcher’s so successful over the years, and why is the future even brighter? You can probably chalk that up to a woman on a mission.

Besides, how many people can call themselves a corny dog heiress?

With her favorite songs and the stories behind them, here’s the web-sharable version of “Dusty Attics”, Episode 21…and Amber Fletcher.

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