Somewhere, there has to be a joke that starts with the line “What’s the best kind of training for radio, son?”

Arrrrrrrrrmy training, sir.

Maybe that’s why Jeff Miles has done so well at it. It’s been almost nine months since Jeff became the new host of the KLUV Morning Show, but he’s by no means a stranger to Texas radio. In fact, this son of the Lone Star State has always enjoyed working here the most. 

Yes, he actually did serve as a trained Army medic. He also was a multi-sport athlete in high school, and even made All-State in Band. But it didn’t take Jeff long to realize how how much fun radio could be, and now this husband and father-of-two is back home – putting a smile on the sunrise every morning across Dallas-Fort Worth.

So, here’s a question we’re not often asked: Mr. Deejay, what are your favorite songs?

Take it away, Jeff! Enjoy.

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