No one has more energy than Steve Kemble.

Dallas has long had a reputation for big parties and extravagant events – and if you’ve ever attended a local charity gala or major moment, there’s a good chance Steve was behind the scenes putting it all together.

And all is no understatement.

Who else could say he stood on stage with the Reagans at the 1984 Republican National Convention and once staged a party featuring a live moose? Steve’s stories are jaw-dropping, but you really get to know someone when you listen to their favorite songs and hear the stories behind them. For instance, would it surprise you to know that one of the most outrageous personalities you’ll ever meet also comes from a very traditional upbringing? In fact, Steve’s relationship with his family is one of the questions we address – and if it feels like the man is endlessly upbeat and positive, you’ll quickly understand why.

Seriously, this was one of the most fun episodes of “Dusty Attics” yet. So, sit back and grab some coffee (or tea), and let’s get to know my old friend a little better.

It’s an hour he’d probably describe as sassy. Enjoy.

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