That Dallas has no better ambassador than Linda Gray could be said of both the city and the TV show.

Born in Santa Monica, California, Linda has always been one of the most accessible, approachable of superstars – and though she only pursued politics fictionally on the series’ revival, she could probably get elected around here in real-life. Just name the office.

But the personal story behind the actor millions around the world know as Sue Ellen Ewing will make you love her even more. For starters, her success on Dallas didn’t even begin that successfully. It took a cast of people who loved each other and individuals such as Linda Gray to make it work. And for each moment, there’s a song.

If you missed the show when it aired on 98.7 KLUV, ¬†here’s Episode 10 of our weekly record-listening party “Dusty Attics” with special guest Linda Gray. Enjoy.

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