1. I had to explain to my 13-year-old what a pager was. I sounded like I was describing the telegraph.

2. Trailers are when we elbow each other over movies we just have to see and completely forget about later – but we are going to see The Biggest Little Farm.

3. Yes, Captain Marvel has a very obvious message – though not altogether the one most people seemed to be expecting. Some people won’t like it. I did.

4. I grew up a DC kid. Marvel consistently gets it right.

5. Pitch-perfect tribute to Stan Lee.

6. If any movie-makers happen to be eavesdropping, you’re not helping yourself if the dialogue is inaudible – and not everyone in the house has young ears.

7. Never completely trust a cat.

8. Kids are funny. Youngest son and I can talk about comic book movies all day. But if she’s ever captured the threat of that topic is what the enemy would use to get my daughter to give up the invasion plans.

9. Was it Black Panther or Wonder Woman-great? No, but I thoroughly enjoyed it.

10. Men should be glad all women can’t shoot powerful blasts of energy from their hands because we’d be dead.

11. If you want a master lesson in how to speed up a storyline and tie things together, the mid-credits scene is it. Whoever wrote that should get a raise.

12. Many actors of a certain age are going to want de-aging special effects written into their contracts.

13. The bigger the villain, the bigger the movie, the bigger the box office – although this one won’t go hurting. See: Killmonger. What, I get. Tell me why.

14. If only being able to recall recent events is a tell, I’m a Skrull.

15. Alta Vista reminded me I don’t hate Google all that much.