A very big Saturday night ahead, as we all Spring forward one hour. Daylight Saving Time is upon us.

Naturally, there are about a gazillion “time” songs we’ll be diving into during this weekend’s all-request and dedication Saturday Night Special. That starts at 7 – so whether you’re headed to dinner and a movie or Bob Seger at The Star, tune in to 98.7 KLUV and we’ll all ride together.

Then at 11, it’s “Dusty Attics” – our weekly record-listening party. And this weekend, we’ll spend the last hour of Saturday with long-time Star-Telegram political and restaurant writer Bud Kennedy. Yes, political and restaurant writer. Hey, that’s nothing. The man started out in sports.

Bud was born here, raised here (Heights Bites), and has worked in the news business since he passed his first driving exam. Decent, kind, fun, thorough, knowledgable…all are words that him. Plus, there’s this: no one, and I mean no one knows more incredible places to eat in this area than Bud Kennedy.

He’s also bringing a really fun playlist, so here’s hoping you’ll tune in. It’s Jody Dean’s Saturday Night Special starting at 7, followed by Dusty Attics at 11…on 98.7 KLUV.



PS., I was just kidding about Arlington Heights. Now, if you want to talk about Southwest…:)

Send a request to Jody Dean’s Saturday Night Special here
Bud tells the story of the night he drove dad’s car into the river

Many people ask “Where can I find ‘Dusty Attics’ on-line?” Well, you can’t. The reason we can’t post it on KLUV.com or jody dean.com is copyright law. The songs are all someone else’s property, and the law prohibits us from disseminating them online. Eventually we hope to do an encore presentation the following Sunday morning on one of KLUV’s HD channels, and right after each show we post the playlists with links to the songs on YouTube – and those playlists will also eventually be interspersed with the interview segments. Again, the law prohibits us from posting “Dusty Attics” online. So take a nap Saturday afternoon and stay up. I promise it’ll be worth your time.