William Gray goes by his middle name, “Paul”.

That’s not how most people know him, though. To the thousands of customers who’ve stopped at his booth in the Dallas Farmers Market over the years, Paul is simply The Corn Man – and with good reason. You may have had roasted corn or elote somewhere else, but until you’ve had Paul’s?

Oh, my.

You know how kids will beg to make side trips to their favorite ice cream shop or candy store? My daughter pleads to go see The Corn Man – and she doesn’t have to ask twice.

You can find Paul’s 5-star reviews all over the web, and here’s a little secret: don’t resist getting one of his smoked turkey legs, too. They quite possibly might be the best anywhere. But what interests me most about Paul isn’t just his fantastic food. It’s his wonderful story – and the fact that the sweetest thing about him isn’t that amazing corn.

It’s his spirit. Enjoy.

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