So now that my time in Radio appears to be over for the present, what’s next?

I’m asked that a lot.

To tell the truth, I’m kind of making it up as I go along. For starters, you may have heard that I’ll be teaching a little at Paul Quinn College in Dallas. Teaching has always been a personal ambition, and Paul Quinn is exactly where I wanted to do it. These days, we all run into a lot of people who are paid not to listen. I like the idea of going where people actually pay to listen.

The second thing I often hear is, “Well, now you can do what you’ve always wanted to do!”

When it comes to that, you have no idea how long my list actually is – so I’ll give you a few:

1. Conduct an orchestra

2. Mow the outfield at a Major League or college ballpark

3. Play a cowboy in a Western movie

4. Demolish a building

5. Go on a dig for dinosaur fossils

6. Drive the miniature train in Fort Worth’s Forest Park

7. Be Santa

8. Serve corny dogs at the State Fair of Texas

9. Announce rodeos (again)

10. Learn to play something besides Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald on guitar

And there are many, many more.

But the more I started thinking about these things and others, the more I realized this might be something cool to do here on my website. Even more fun, it would be a chance to spend time with the people who actually do these things in the first place.

For example: do you like barbecue? Perhaps you already know, but I looooooove barbecue. I even put out a list of my favorite barbecue joints each year. And if you’re anything like me, you may have even mused to yourself about how much fun it might be to work as a restaurant critic. Just imagine: getting paid for eatin’ and writin’ about it. Especially barbecue.


So, just for grins, I called up the individual who does exactly that.

Daniel Vaughn has been the official Barbecue Editor for Texas Monthly magazine for some years now, and I most recently ran into him as a fellow judge at the annual Dallas Kosher Barbecue Championship, held each October. But Daniel doesn’t only write about the restaurants he finds or the contests he judges. He’s also a Texas barbecue historian, who has actually traced the roots of Texas barbecue back to their beginnings.

I mean, who wouldn’t love a job like that? Sign. Me. Up.

So if you’re asking what I’ve always wanted to do, let’s start with being Daniel Vaughn.

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