It’s no easy thing to stay ahead of the curve these days, but Cynthia Smoot may have mastered the art.

Preceded by a wealth of experience in the world of sales and advertising, Cynthia began her widely-followed blog in 2008. Initially dedicated to her life as a mom, it soon evolved into focusing on Dallas’ glamorous celebrity fete set – quickly becoming the “go-to” website for the latest on the city’s social scene and hottest parties.

But Oh So Cynthia didn’t stop there. Oh So Cynthia continues to grow, and now explores even more of Dallas’ unique qualities – covering everything from Reality TV to fashion and food. A fixture on both television and radio, Smoot also works with clients who are interested in creatively expanding their brand or business – through the innovative advertising and public relations firm in which she partners with her husband.

Advertising trends and techniques are high on my list of favorite subjects, but when Cynthia talks baseball she makes it understandable. And between who has the best ad campaign on earth these days and how the Carpenters made her list of favorite songs, this turned out to be an extraordinarily fun hour.

Ladies and gentlemen, Oh So Cynthia‘s Cynthia Smoot. Enjoy!

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