Juneteenth, 2019.

I thought I’d remember the day by re-posting an interview I did last year about this time with Fort Worth’s legendary Miss Opal Lee. For years Opal Lee has fought to see Juneteenth become a national holiday – and once you know the complete story, her argument is impossible to resist. And no one tells that story like Miss Opal.

It’s a very short interview, but I think it’s well worth your time – particularly on a day that’s so special to so many of our neighbors, family members, and friends. Listen and you will easily hear Opal Lee’s kindness, love, and passion. In particular, pay attention to Miss Opal’s story of the fire that destroyed her family home. What she doesn’t mention is that fire was started by the Ku Klux Klan.

Then, listen again…to her kindness, her love, and her passion. If you want to hear grace, this is what it sounds like.