It all began just before my granddaughter’s second birthday. I asked my oldest son what Ella likes to do, and his answer surprised me.

She likes to watch concert videos on YouTube“.

So I thought for a minute, and said “I’ve got it.”

First, I needed something that would look like a stage. Answer? A bamboo cutting board.

For the proscenium arch, I used a picture frame.

An additional frame to stabilize the arch and a base for the whole thing.

Now for the walls.

Of course, backstage should look like backstage.

Up go the sides.

It’s primer time.

Curtains, Rocco. It’s curtains.

Raising the roof.

Speakers, anyone?

Set designs.

Every actress needs a costume trunk. This one was made by Daryoush Ababaf, a wonderful artist and friend in the Dallas area.

Now we’re getting somewhere…

Gotta have lights.

I think she likes it.

One day when she says she got into theater early on, she’ll mean it literally.