Of course I watched.

I do every year. Part of my broadcast training was an emphasis on keeping up with what’s going on – so even though I might not have seen but a movie or two all year, I tune in.

And away we go.

1. I was suggesting on-air that Adam Lambert join Queen before his American Idol season even finished, and I don’t mind bragging about that.

2. I admit it: I have a man crush on Jason Mamoa. Besides being a complete hoot to watch, he seems like a thoroughly decent human being. I’m thinking of getting a pink scrunchy.

3. You will never catch me free-soloing precisely because someone would have to. I don’t even think I could watch that movie.

4. Glenn Close is America’s Helen Mirren.

5. Those of us who have kilts in our wardrobe spent last night’s red carpet pre-show in awe of Billy Porter.

6. I was also pulling for Black Panther because I love great SciFi/Fantasy/Horror films, and only two have ever won Best Picture:  Lord of the Rings: Return of the King (2003) and Silence of the Lambs (1991). I’m pretty sure the last Oscar for best performance in a lead role went to Fredric March for Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde – in 1931.

7. There is Angela Bassett and Javier Bardem, and then there are there rest of us mortals. There are simply some people who are just ridiculously gorgeous. Deal with it, folks. And  whoever sent them out there together ought to get an Oscar just for that. Thank you.

8. I’m sorry, but Fiona and I both thought the theater’s proscenium arch looked like Donald Trump’s hair.



9. How would you like to have been in the wings knowing you had to follow Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga?

10. My youngest son could be Chris Evans’ stunt double. I also don’t mind bragging about that.

11. I can think of three movie “places” I wanted to run away to and never come back: the island in Swiss Family Robinson, Bert’s chalk drawings in Mary Poppins, and Wakanda.

12. The only thing worse than having your mic cut is forcing someone to cut it.

13. I can think of a lot of highlights – but I’m especially glad I got to see the acceptance speeches from Ruth Carter,  Hannah Beachler and Rami Malek.

14. I wish my beard was as cool as Roger Taylor’s is.

15. Serena Williams. In that crimson. If space aliens come, send her. They will realize they are overmatched.

16. Politics? Good grief, I go back to Sacheen Littefeather. Ask your parents. It’s show business. Performers have a right to their moment, too. Just don’t be boring.

17. I want a movie with Adam Driver and Mahershala Ali in it. I also want a movie in which Jason Mamoa fights Gerard Butler.

18. Michael B. Jordan brought his mom. I love that guy more every day.

19. I thought the show ran great without a host. What was that, an hour shorter? And what funny there was, was funny. Having Maya Rudolph, Tina Fey and Amy Pohler come out first was perfect, and things stayed mostly well-paced after that. This, of course, relative to the death-by-a-thousand-minutes of years past – but, hey! It’s an improvement.

20. Once again I’m reminded of how many movies I have got to get around to seeing.