Naturally, it started as someone else’s idea.

Back in the early 80s I worked at what is now KLUV’s sister-station, Alt 103.7. In those days it was known as 103.7 KVIL, and we enjoyed a lot of success. One of the biggest parts of those glory days was Sandi Hopkins, producer of Ron Chapman’s legendary morning show. Sandi, who passed on in 1987, was one of the sweetest souls I’ve ever met. Think Mary Richards of The Mary Tyler Moore Show‘s WJM-TV, with Ron in the role of Lou Grant. That was Sandi.

A fantastically creative professional, Sandi had heard a program on the BBC that caught her attention. The premise was simple: invite in a guest, get them to bring a list of the most important songs packed away in their record collections. In their…dusty attics. Then, sit down together and listen to them.

Basically, the record-listening party kids had in the halcyon days of the phonograph, only on the radio. Why were these songs important? What part of their journey did they represent? What were the stories behind them? I’ll give you an example. Perhaps you’ve heard WFAA’s Dale Hansen talk about the childhood friend he lost in Vietnam, and how that completely changed his life.

The first time I ever heard Dale tell that story was on Dusty Attics, back in 1986. It still gets me now.

Well, Saturday the 16th, I’m bringing Dusty Attics back.

When I handed over the reins of the KLUV Morning Show to Jeff Miles, station management specifically asked me to come up with new content. The more I thought about that, the more Dusty Attics kept coming back to me. These days, despite how connected we are, we often seem to scarcely know each other – or worse, think we do.

But there are few better ways to get to know someone than to listen to and talk about their favorite songs. It seemed like an important show to do. And I can honestly say that after taping only a few episodes, this isn’t only some of the best work I’ve ever done. It’s also some of the most enjoyable.

Any genre, too. This won’t be limited only to songs you normally hear on KLUV. But they will be in a context you’ll never forget. You know what Dale’s song is for his fallen friend? Glory Days, by Bruce Springsteen. And now you’ll never hear that one the same way again.

So, with thanks for the leap of faith by my bosses Brian Purdy and Jay Cresswell, starting this Saturday the final hour of Jody Dean’s Saturday Night Special will become Dusty Attics. If you want to set a reminder, that’ll be from 11 to midnight. Eventually we plan to stream a repeat broadcast on one of our HD channels, because people are going to want to hear these.

To recap…this Saturday night the 16th, 11 to midnight…Dusty Attics, right after the all-request and dedication Saturday Night Special.

I’ll reveal our first guest later this week, and I hope you’ll listen. I think you’ll be glad you did.

Thank you,