1. A 13-year old daughter means I actually know most of these people.

2. This is the performer I thought (and hoped) Miley Cyrus would become.

3. Whoever designed the set has never walked down stairs in heels.

4. Shawn Mendes is going to be around for a long, long time.

5. When Janelle Monae performed, Prince stood up and applauded in Rock & Roll Heaven.

6. “This Is America” made me massively uncomfortable. That’s why it’s good, and that’s why it won.

7. Tweet of the Night: “Anthony Kiedes is your drunk uncle at the wedding reception getting on stage with the cover band.”

8. Was Kylie wearing a Snuggie?

9. I like seeing how artists evolve year-to-year. From where Cardi B began to now makes it fun to think of where she’ll be in two or three years.

10. As much as I’ve come to appreciate Gaga as an artist over time, I respect her even more for what she has to say.

11. Post Malone defies expectations. Dude can sing. And play.

12. “Jolene” might be the most haunting uptempo song ever written, but only when Dolly does it.

13. Alicia Keys has so much talent, intelligence, grace and beauty in just her little finger that it’s flat silly.

14. I. Don’t. Get. Drake.

15. She’s royalty, so she gets a break – but the only person who talks more than Diana Ross during a performance is Ted Nugent.

16. I will buy every record Brandi Carlile ever makes.

17. You realize that St. Vincent is one of ours, right? Lake Highlands, Class of ’01.

18. The hook got faster as show producers began noticing the clock. They have to do better than that.

19. Kacey Musgrave’s album is terrific, but I did not see that one coming. Judging from the reaction in the auditorium, I wasn’t alone.

20. Whoever invented sweat-proof double-sided sticky tape ought to get the Nobel Prize for achievements in science.